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Athens Writers Association is On Hiatus

It has been our passion and our joy these past few years to serve the community and bring authors of all backgrounds together to share their journey, their expertise and their writing with one another. We’ve seen projects grow from ideas to rough drafts all the way to published works and we couldn’t be prouder.

Now with our founding members entering new chapters of their own lives, we’ve come to the decision that it’s time for Athens Writers Association to step back and give the group some time to rest and reflect on the future.

Like a caterpillar entering its chrysalis, we hope that AWA will emerge one day into a form even more beautiful than the one we’ve been able to share with you. We’re not yet sure what shape – or shapes! – that new form will take, but it is our intention to only reopen our doors when we’re positive we can bring a renewed level of expertise, advice, experience and compassion to the Athens writing community.

To all those who’ve supported us over the years, who’ve joined us on the stage at open mics, who’ve told us the stories that brought you to our table and who’ve shared their dreams and creative passions with us…this isn’t goodbye, only “so long for now.”

Keep writing, keep dreaming, and keep sharing the best parts of yourselves with the world, just as you’ve shared them with us.

About katherinecerulean

Novelist, founder of The Athens Writers Association, and enthusiast of all things awesome and magical. Need my help with ANYTHING? Just ask!

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  1. Katherine and all the other founders who kept AWA going over the years thank you very much for you your did.

  2. So sorry to hear. Good luck to all of you. I always enjoy the meeting I attended.
    Arlene Dove
    Hartwell, Ga

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  4. I’m so appreciative of what I learned from those “running the show,” and from the community, from feedback on work, to modeling through example, for support, sharing, and enthusiasm. I’m proud to be included on some of the published compilations and grateful for the friendships. I hope another incarnation of this group will emerge. To all who led groups, coordinated events and edited the books – thank you so much. And Katherine, I hope your blogs will continue in whatever rendition is compatible with your new life. Best of luck to you all. Kathryn Kyker


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