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Katherine Cerulean grew up in the countryside near Athens, GA,  home schooled on a farm with plenty of animals and time for daydreaming.

She has been writing seriously for nineteen years, starting with screenwriting and then moving into novels.  Her completed novels are —

  • Other Gods (a fantasy)
  • A Caged Heart Still Beats (a love story about a man in a cage)
  • Fall Street (a 1950s coming-of-age story)
  • Society & Civility (a Jane Austen-inspired Regency-era romance)

And her screenplays include —

  • Murder in the Movies
  • Divining Grace
  • Evonny Mitchell
  • Love Fuzoul

Katherine is the founder of the Athens Writers Association.

Katherine still lives in the house she was literally born in, with her sister Sarah Cerulean, who is an amazing artistic genius. They also share their home with many quartz crystals and a two LOTR wall maps.

The first book in her self help series, How To Come Alive: A Guidebook for Living the Life of Your Dreams, was released in fall 2013 and is now available as a free website.

Sample her novel, Society & Civility, here.

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  1. Katherine – what’s your email? Couldn’t find it today. Enjoyed meeting you at Lickskillet

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  3. Hi Katerine I would really like to contact you but has had trouble here is my e-mail look forward to hearing from you.


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