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Jennifer Innes


Jennifer dreamed of being a writer from the age of four, but took another 30+ years to gain the confidence to truly pursue it as a career. Along the way, she’s lived in three different states (Michigan, Georgia, Washington), gathered three different higher education degrees (BA in English, MAIS in English and History, MLIS), and has spent over thirteen years working in libraries. In 2013, she self-published her first novel, “The Beginning of Whit”, with co-author Andrew Grace. When not writing, she’s either capturing cats in photographs, devouring entertainment in book, audio, and/or visual media formats, wasting time playing video games, or traveling. Even though speculative fiction novels are her primary focus, she also writes non-fiction, and poetry.

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Find her novel on Amazon The Beginning of Whit (Full of Whit Book 1)

She is also the editor of the second AWA collection The Journey Home


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