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Nancy Degenhardt


Nancy Degenhardt has often wondered about the source of creativity.  One of her sons is a successful musician in Los Angeles.

Nancy says, “I don’t have a musical cell in my body, but through the family male line, he is a third generation musician.  Is music in his DNA?  On the other hand, I have loved writing since I was a child.  I still have poems I wrote during my childhood. From the eighth grade forward I wrote for my school newspapers.  My first published book was the true story of my youngest son’s struggle with brain cancer.”

That first book, written in poetry and prose and entitled Stephen’s Gift, is now available in its second edition on Amazon.

Nancy’s first novel A Place to Be, is a romantic suspense story and is also available.  The heroine is a reporter named Kate Dorsey.  Following a story, she is kidnapped by a drug cartel.  She falls in love with the stranger who rescues her, but which side of the law is he on?

Nancy is now working on her second novel — In the Name of Freedom.  It follows Kate into new suspense.  Nancy  jokes that, “In fact, Kate should wear a tee shirt with Trouble written across it because danger always finds her.”

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