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Alice Hayes

Alice Hayes was born in England but now calls Athens her home. She came to Georgia in August of 2009 on a Rotary scholarship, and shocked everyone by falling in love with Dahlonega and with Mr. Right, and announcing her plans to move to the U.S. permanently. She did so in April 2011, at age 20, and married Mr. Right shortly afterwards. Their daughter was born in July 2012. Mr. Right has since turned out to be Mr. Wrong, and Alice is now enjoying life as a single mother. She loves dogs and has a Bloodhound/Weimaraner mix named Baloo.

Alice currently works in a law office and is studying a history degree online. Writing is Alice’s passion. For Alice, curling up on the couch after her daughter has gone to bed with her laptop, her dog, and a cup of tea is a nightly ritual, and a way to unwind. She writes throughout the year, but every November submits to the insanity that is National Novel Writing Month, where participants aim to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Her first novel and first NaNoWriMo project, War Wounds, is a young adult novel that she says is “on hiatus” for right now but hopes to one day complete and publish. Her second, The Thread That Binds, is a work in progress that embodies her love for the deep south with the tale of five women who meet and develop an inseparable bond.
Alice sometimes writes under her maiden name, Alice Overton-Lamb.
You can read about Alice and read samples of her work on her website (under construction).
The link to the website:

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