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Building Believable Love Stories


  • Sunday, April 6, 2014

    4:00 PM

  • The Coffee Shop of Athens

    2950 Atlanta Hwy (in front of Bulldog carwash), Athens, GA

  • At the heart of many stories is a heart itself — the tale of two people whose meeting changes them both forever. In other stories it is a simple spice, an interesting aside on the way to saving the day, finding the treasure, or growing up. However large the love story looms in your novel or other creative work know this: is it one of the most important facets and a touchstone for your readers in deciding how much they like your characters and your work.
    Join me, Katherine Cerulean, and learn how to improve your writing, and bring more realism, excitement, depth, and originality to your work.
    Note: This is intended for any type of writer (fiction, non-fiction, screenwriter, songwriter, etc), with a focus on long form storytelling such as novels.

Introduction to World Building

Come by the upstairs conference room at the Coffee Shop of Athens (2950 Atlanta Hwy. Athens, GA) from 2-4pm on Saturday, March 8th for our workshop on world building. We’re offering guidance and some great exercises to get writers thinking about the worlds they want to explore in their stories.

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