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Go Big or Go Home


One of the goals of the AWA is to help you learn and grow, but as we all know, growing can sometimes be really scary.  Putting yourself and your work out there opens you up to criticism — and possibility.  But you have talent and potential, which is why we are challenging you this fall to do something you’ve never done, join in on some fun, and take your writing into whole new arenas.  So, take a look below and let us know what you are interested in being a part of —

Submit Your Work to our Second Book 

Our first collection of member work, Writers After Dark, was a great artistic success and now the deadline is approaching for our second collection (no theme this time).  The deadline for submissions is Friday, Sept. 5th.  See full details here.

Reading at a Bookstore in Dunwoody 

The always awesome Elsa Russo put this together for us.  We are looking for Athens-area writers to participate in a reading to be held at the Book Warehouse in Dunwoody.  This as a chance to get out of Athens and spread the word about our work farther.  The reading will be on Saturday, September 20th at 2 pm and we’re hoping to have it last about two hours.  Some writers may be carpooling and we’re looking for people who would like to read a short piece (probably 8-15 min.) of their own work.  This will likely be in front of a small, rotating crowd of shoppers and it is a great way to get your feet wet in the arena of public reading.

Reading Halloween Week at Cine

We will be reading our sci-fi, fantasy, and horror work on Wednesday, October 29th at Cine in downtown Athens.  This promises to be a ton of fun in a wonderful new setting for us.  Who knows?  We may even wear costumes.  Each person will read for about 8-10 min. from an original piece.

Please note: For both events first time readers will be expected to attend a table read before the event to help you hone your skills and chasing away any butterflies.  These table reads are fun.

You are a writer.  You have as much right as anyone to have your work in print and heard by an audience.  Almost one year ago, many of our most active, achieving members were right where you are — excited, but a little scared and unsure how to begin to get out there.  But after four reading events and our first book collection, we are full of confident, excited writers who are making lifetime dreams come true.  So wherever you are in your writing journey, consider taking an adventure with us and putting your work out for the whole world to enjoy.  It could just change your life.

ALL EVENTS ARE FREE AND TEND TO FILL UP FAST.  Please contact if you are interested in participating in either reading and send your book submissions to (after reading the full details for submission).

Hope to see (and hear) you soon!




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