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Meet a ‘Georgia Writers Hall of Fame’ Author!

Mark your calendars!  

The Athens Writers Association is proud to present a Q & A session with Philip Lee Williams on August 17th at 3:00pm at The Coffee Shop of Athens.  A lifelong Georgian, Philip Lee Williams is a published novelist, poet and essayist, as well as a composer, a documentary filmmaker and a science writer.

As the founder of the AWA, I cannot express how excited and pleased I am to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity to our members.  When I was a beginning writer, I hardly knew how find any writers to talk to, much less someone on the scale of Mr. Williams.  He was called by another Hall of Fame honoree ‘probably Georgia’s best writer’.

If you are serious about learning and improving, you want to meet and talk with people who are setting the bar for excellence, people who are passionate, and people who are truly creating great works of art.  Mr. Williams is a wonderful example of one such writer.

We hope this to be the first in a series of bringing the best of the best face-to-face with the AWA membership.  You have no idea how inspiring such a meeting can be — don’t miss it!

For more info please check out Philip Lee Williams website and his Georgia Writers Hall of Fame honoree page.

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