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Call For Entries!

The Athens Writers Association is proud to announce its first book: Writing After Dark.  This collection of poems, short stories, non fiction pieces and what-have-you will feature some of the best of our AWA talent AND be a companion piece to ‘Writers Read — After Dark‘ —  an AWA event coming March 22nd, 2014.  You can submit a piece for the book, add your name to the list of writers reading in March, or both.

So just what does ‘After Dark’ mean?  I think you already know.  It’s anything you might not feel comfortable bringing out into the daylight.  The reading event will be for an adult audience.  The point is not just to titillate or exploit your senses, but instead delve deep into the creepy-crawly of the subconscious, blow pass the boundaries of society’s mores and good taste, and emerge back into the daylight on the other side — dazed, battered, and unsure what demons you met or fought in the half green light.  But remember, there’s plenty of humor here too, and surprises and twists lurk in the darkest pathways and that is well to be remembered.  The only rule is to throw off the rules that have been given you.

Submission deadline: January 31st, 2014.  Katherine Cerulean will judge all entries with impunity and select those for inclusion based on content, length, last name of Cerulean, offensive content, the final mix needed for the book, etc.  Those selected for the book will have first dibs on a spot at the reading event.  Please note: The darker and more hardcore the piece, the more you’d better be able to write to pull it off.  A lighter look at the dark side is preferable if you’re a new writer, because if your story is going to drag me through Hell, I’d better think the trip was worth it.

Also: Please be aware that bigotry, hate speech, and limited views about fellow human beings aren’t cool, edgy ‘After Dark’ ideas — they’re jerk moves.  You can entertain us without insulting us, and I trust you have an awesome tale or two up your sleeve.

We’ll also need at awesome flyer/book cover piece of art — so if you know someone, please have them submit that as well.

Submit all works to:

About katherinecerulean

Novelist, founder of The Athens Writers Association, and enthusiast of all things awesome and magical. Need my help with ANYTHING? Just ask!

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