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Summer Fun!

After the wild success of our first AWA meeting, it’s time to get the ball rolling on our next events —

‘Hear Your Local Voice’ Event

We need volunteers who’d like to read original work and we need a date we’d like to do this.  We’ll probably do the first event at the Athens library and then do a second event in a more bar-like setting in the near future (or vise-versa).

AWA Second Meeting

We’ll soon have another meeting just to talk and expand on the good things we started at the first meeting.

Self-Publishing Roundtable

This event will feature local self-published authors and dig deep into editing, publishing, cover design, blogging and other types of publicizing your work, and how often to publish new books.

Please check out the ‘Achieving Your Dreams‘ Meetup group or email me at with your thoughts, wishes for inclusion, and ideas for other events.

About katherinecerulean

Novelist, founder of The Athens Writers Association, and enthusiast of all things awesome and magical. Need my help with ANYTHING? Just ask!

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  1. Jack and I really loved meeting everyone on Saturday! Can’t wait to meet with you again. 🙂

  2. Sharon Wynns

    A friend told me about this group. Looking forward to participating.I would like to volunteer to read. Please let me know when this is happening. Thanks, Sharon


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